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Adult Swim’s animated series Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal won two 2021 Creative Arts Emmys including Best Animated Program and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation.

The competition was tough for the Best Animated title, Primal beat out Big Mouth, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and South Park.

Primal previously earned three Emmy Awards including Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation for Art Director Scott Wills, Character Designer Stephen DeStefano, and Tartakovsky for Storyboard Artist.

Season 2 will also have 10 episodes but has no official release date yet.

Primal has been receiving glowing reviews from critics & fans. Read below what The Decider wrote regarding the show’s music:

“Tyler Bates and Joanne Higginbottom’s haunting score effortlessly supports the emotional weight of the show. Filled with drums and ominous swelling strings, Primal’s music walks hand-in-hand with its action. Those musical ebbs and flows are what communicate the alternating pain, outrage, fear, and fleeting moments of happiness experienced by our prehistoric protagonist. They’re the only way we know what he’s thinking, and yet they’re shockingly effective. Through its music Primal always tells us the grand emotional swatches of what we should be feeling. Yet much like the series’ animation, its lack of dialogue leaves every moment open to more nuanced interpretation.”

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